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The difference between an Analog and a Digital School lies in the way that they gather, store, process and retrieve information.

Information is the life-wire of every business, including schools. Without proper and accurate information, a manager cannot do much. The way you gather, store, process and retrieve information in your business or school matters a lot and determines to a large extent your success or failure in that business.

While an analog school uses office files and file cabinets to store information, a digital school uses a password protected computer server that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day to store information. That way, the information is always available to all the administrators of the school, at the same time, no matter wherever they are.

Therefore the process of digitalisation simply involves moving all your school records from several office flat files to a password protected computer server, using a specialised software such as PrestigeSAS, which is meant for digitalisation of schools only. It may also involve giving you access to records and statistics that you previously did not have.

What is the essence of this, you may ask?

1. When you move your school records from office flat files to a password protected computer server, two or more authorised people who have the right usernames and passwords can access a particular record at the same time. As a result of this, the Proprietor/Proprietress of the school can now be given access to view all the school's records for monitoring purposes. This is a very important utility for all Proprietors/Proprietress. You can now monitor and control what is going on in your school from wherever you are.

2. When the school's records are moved to a central computer server, users can access the records from wherever they are without limitations. So, if a school Proprietor/Proprietress travels overseas, he/she can still monitor the activities in the school from there.

3. When the school's records are moved to a central computer server, the computer has the ability to automate some tasks that were previously done manually. For example, when teachers enter the exam marks of students into the system, the computer can calculate total marks, average marks, positions in the exams, etc, without further human intervention. This will greatly reduce the workload of teachers and increase efficiency. There are so many other automation of tasks done by the system.

4. When the school's records are moved to a central computer server, information disemmination becomes more efficient. A user can simply login to his/her account to access all the information that he/she needs. A student can login to his/her account to check class time table, assignments given, notices on notice board, messages received, exam time table, marks obtained, report sheets, confirm school fees paid, and several other needed informaton, all in one place.

5. When the school's records are moved to a central computer server, locating previously stored records becomes very and much faster. Assuming that a former student comes to obtain a transcript, you simply find out the session he/she graduated, go to that session, type in his/her name and all the needed records appear. You do not need to be searching from one office flat file to the other or asking various staff members whether they are with the file that you are looking for.



What this means is that while analog information can only be available to one user at a time, digital information can be shared by several thousands of people at the same time. This is the principle behind very popular information media like; Social Media, Global Banking, Online News Portals, etc.

Information in all these media can be shared by several millions of people at the same time. In the same way, your school information can be made to be available to several people, including you, at the same time. However, with password protecton, only authorised people will have access to your school information on the Internet.

Therefore, you can be in London and monitor information like (i) how many students have paid their school fees (ii) how many students are enrolled in each class (iii) how many class teachers that did not mark class attendance for the day (iv) check the lesson time-table for each class (iv) confrm which teacher that teaches a particular subject in a particular class, and so many other school information that are contained in the portal. In a digital system, information is available to authorised users 247.

There are so many other advantages of a digital school over an analog school. Download and read our free User Guide to learn about them. To download and read our User Guide Click Here to Download Now

Also visit our FAQ section to find answers to most issues that you may have about how to transform your school from Analog to Digital.

No matter how big or how small your school is, you can use Prestige SAS to transform it from Analog to Digital. This will increase your productivity and efficiency and lead to greater staff satisfaction and students' awareness.

To implement Prestige SAS for your school, we will design a free website for your school with your own domain name and install your own copy of the Prestige SAS software in the portal of your website. It is the portal, which is password protected which you require a username and password to login.

Our User Guide will guide you, step-by-step on how to use PrestigeSAS. It is so easy and straight-forward that anybody can follow it. You can download and read our User Guide now, to see how easy it is to use PrestigeSAS, even though you have not yet implemented it. This is to assure you of how easy it is to use, even before you commit any money to it. Also, if you require any further help with the use of PrestigeSAS, you can Contact Us or we can, at your request, organise a one-day training workshop for your school, after your school's installation has been completed, at a reasonable price (see our FAQ).


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