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The instruction videos linked below will show you the step-by-step processes on how to carry out any tasks on PrestigeSAS once its installed for you. Follow them sequentially and you can never go wrong.

When we setup PrestigeSAS for your school, it is the responsibility of your Computer Operator to transfer all your school data from office flat files to PrestigeSAS. You can distribute forms to students, teachers, parents, etc., to collect the needed information while the Computer Operator keys them in. This activity will only be carried out once and after that, your school will start running on "auto pilot".

Experience the power of digitalisation and automation, watch the videos now and see how easy it is to use PrestigeSAS when it is installed for your school.

You can watch videos 1 - 6 right away by clicking on their links. To watch videos No. 7 downwards, you have to Subscribe to our Free Newsletter to enble you to obtain the username and password to access the videos. Fill the simple form and click Subscribe. When you recieve a message Subscription form has been saved, go to your email box and open the email sent to you from info@prestigesas.com and click the Confirmation Link.

Subscription to our Newsletter is free, so you don't have anything to worry about. Once you complete the subscription, the username and password will be emailed to the email box which you specified on the form.

We have not completed the creation of all the videos. Please check this page regularly to watch the videos of other operations that have just been uploaded.

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1. How to Login to PrestigeSAS and familiarise with the Dashboard - Click Here  
2. How to register the Teachers in your school on PrestigeSAS - Click Here  
3. How to create Classes and Sections in your school on PrestigeSAS - Click Here  
4. How to add Subjects to every Class in your school on PrestigeSAS - Click Here  
5. How to add Students into every Class in your school on PrestigeSAS - Click Here  
6. How to add Parents in your school on PrestigeSAS - Click Here  
7. How to Mark Students Daily Attendance Registers - Click Here  
8. How to Mark Teachers Attendance Register - Click Here  
9. How to Mark Other Users Attendance Register - Click Here  
10. How to Upload Syllabus for Various Subjects for Download by Students - Click Here  
11. How to Upoad Assignments for Download by Students - Click Here  
12. How to Add an Exam (e.g. First Semester 2018/2019) into the System - Click Here  
13. How to Create Exam Time-Table in the System - Click Here  
14. How to Divide Exam Marks into Grades - Click Here  
15. How to Mark Exam Attendance for All Classes - Click Here  
16. How to Record Students Exam Marks in the System - Click Here  
17. How to Distribute Marks between Exam, Test, Assignment, etc - Click Here  
18. How to Promote Students to their Next Classes - Click Here  
19. How to Send and Receive Messages to and from Other Users - Click Here  
20. How to Upload Documents, Photos and Video to Media for Download - Click Here  
21. How to Send Email to Other Users - Click Here  
22. How to Set Online Exams for Students to Take - Click Here  
23. How to Create Salary Templates, Manage Salaries and Make Payments - Click Here  
24. How to Record Asset Purchases and Manage Various Assets - Click Here  
25. How to Manage Day Care Sections - Click Here  
26. How to Register Library Members, Record Books and Issue Out Books - Click Here  
27. How to Manage School Buses, Register Users and Manage Routes - Click Here  
28. How to Manage Hostels, Register Occupants and Manage Fees - Click Here  
29. How to Create School Fee Types, Create Invoices and Record Payments - Click Here  
30. How to Publish Announcements, Notices, Events and Holidays - Click Here  
31. Class Report - No. of Students, Subjects, Class Teacher, Fees Paid, etc - Click Here  
32. Student Report - Hostel, Transport, Gender, Class, etc of a Student - Click Here  
33. ID Card Report - For Issuance of ID Cards - Click Here  
34. Admit Card Report - For newly admitted students registration - Click Here  
35. Routine Report - For TimeTable of all Classes - Click Here  
36. Exam Schedule Report - For Exam TimeTable of All Classes - Click Here  
37. Attendance Report - For Attendance of All Classes for Various Perionds - Click Here  
38. Attendance Overview Report -  
39. Terminal Report - A Student's Term End Report - Click Here  
40. Merit Stage Report -  
41. Tabulation Sheet Report -  
42. Mark Sheet Report -  
43. Progress Card Report -  
44. Online Exam Report -  
45. Certificate Report -  
46. Fees Report -  
47. Due Fees Report -  
48. Balance Fees Report -  
49. Transaction Report